Calendar events in Forecast summary

At the top of the “home” view and forecast view in iOS is a summary of your forecast, with the # of tasks for each day. This number isn’t including any of my calendar events. Is there a way to change that?

For example, I have an appointment on Tuesday, but here it says I have zero things on Tuesday.

The calendar event does show when I’m in Tuesday’s forecast view, so I don’t think this is a sync issue.

Most of my tasks don’t have due dates, so I will probably have lots of “empty” days, and I’d like to be able to quickly identify when I have both appointments and/or due dates.

Alternately, any ideas for work-around? Maybe using IFTT and mail drop?

What happens when you tap the ‘eye’ for View Options and under ‘ALL DAYS SHOW’ make sure that ‘Calendar Events’ (first/top option) is checked/ticked?

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