Calendar in Inspect not obeying system preference?

As for the moment calendars in Inspect always starts with todays day and date. This confuses me as most calends always starts with monday. Is this to be fixed?

Hmm… the inspector calendars are supposed to be following your System Language & Region preferences. And that’s what I’m observing also. Could you post a screenshot of the calendar that’s wrong, and more details about what your System settings are?

(No, I don’t live in the UK, but my computer pretends a lot of different things in the name of software testing.)

My system settings say: Norway, Monday, Gregorian, 24 hour, Norwegian. It has always been that, but showing actual date as first date of week in the Inspect calendar. But when I check after updating the beta version today the Inspect calendar shows monday as the correct start date of week. Something positive must have happend after the update… Thanks!

No, just wait a minute! It is still wrong on my iMac, but is correct on my MacBook Air!!! My iMac (see picture below) show Friday as first day of week, while MacBook Air shows Monday as first day of week (which is correct and accordingly to system setup on both machines). Hm…

Now I found what is wrong: When I choose Region in the system to “norsk, bokmål” Inspect calendar show friday as first day of week, but when I choose Region as “Norge, engelsk” on my iMac then the calendar in Inspect shows Monday as first day of week. But still my MacBook Air system is set up with Region “Norge” and shows Inspect calender rightly. Why is that?