Calendar issue related to OmniFocus (Mac/iOS)

I have an old OmniFocus action item (3X per week) repeating itself till the end of time in iCalender (iOS). In OmniFocus this action has been deleted. In Mac Calendar this action has subsequently disappeared but on my iOS device (phone) it is still there till kingdom come. On the iPhone I am unable to delete it. if I click on the omnifocus link in the note section of the calendar appointment it reverts back to OmniFocus (iOS) with the message “Unable to show linked item” “There is no item with the unique identifier given in the link” In other words i am in a loop of non resolve.
How can i fix this?

Recently the way repeating actions are published to that reminders calendar has changed (or maybe the way they are interpreted by Calendar? I don’t remember the exact situation). I think that is the root cause of this situation. Can you email so that we can do some troubleshooting with you? Sorry about this!

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Hi Dave, I have done some things on my iPhone (no recollection what exactly) and the issue seems to have finally resolved its self. Thx

I have had to delete my OF2 cal subscription for the same reason-it populates the cal until eternity with all due dates making the calendar an indescribable mess.
I’m putting it down to some high Sierra bug because it was working fine until the update.
Very annoying.

Thanks for the update. I fear this may come back, however. You and @revstu revstu appear to be the first to notice, or maybe the first to care, but the shared code that handles publishing this calendar and also generating calendar data to put on the pasteboard for iOS drag and drop has changed, resulting in this change. I’ve added both of your notes to our development database and we’ll take a look at special-casing the publishing path to revert to the old behavior.


Hey I have the same issue! Down below you can find my E-Mail I sent to the support and their answer:

Dear OF Support,

when a task is set on „repeat on every X months, weeks, days (doesn’t
matter)“ the due dates of these events also show up in my calendar
above the 2 week limitation for due events. (OSX Latest Sierra, Latest
OF on MAC; latest iOS and OF Version on iPhone / iPad; all devices use
Apple Calendar with local OF calendar synch).
I know that this wasn’t the case before with „repeat every X- tasks“.
So even if the tasks were repeating in the future and were due, they
didn’t show up in my calendar if it was later then 2 weeks. Now this
behavior changed. Has this been done intentionally?
If so it would be consequent that the due items which are not
repeating or are just „due again“ tasks also show up in the calendar
subscription, so if there would be no 2 weeks limitation for no tasks.

Also a feature to choose which kind of „repeat-tasks“ should appear in
the calender subscription above the 2 weeks would be nice. It gives
the user more flexibility.

Best wishes

"Hi XXX,

I’m sorry for the trouble that’s causing—thanks for taking the time to let us know!

I’ll attach your email to the item we have open on this problem in our development database so the rest of the team will know that you’d like to see us get this on the development schedule as soon as we’re able to do so.

Apologies again! If you have any other questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to help!


Anne J.
Support Human
The Omni Group"

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I had a similar response

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