Calendar subscription with Google Calendar?

I don’t think this is possible, but my hope is that I have overlooked something. Can I subscribe to the OmniFocus Due reminder with Google Calendar?

Thank you!

OmniFocus shares information in a format that Google Calendar can understand, and we put it in the same location as your sync database - which, due to obvious privacy concerns, we set up by default as a password-protected location.

Last time I looked, Google Calendar lacked the ability to subscribe to a calendar file that’s in a password protected location. Unless that’s changed, you’d have to remove password protection from all your OmniFocus information and make it potentially available to anyone on the internet in order to successfully subscribe Google Calendar.

We’ve got a feature request open on the ability to export that calendar file to a different/un-protected location, but really it seems like Google’s missing an important feature here. Making your information - even just the calendar export - available to anyone with a web connection shouldn’t be required in order for Google Calendar to subscribe to it.


So sad that you can’t make it work without a password.

This is something I’ve run into as well. It would definitely be nice if Google adopted support for password protected calendar subscriptions, but a public address can actually be just as secure as a password-protected URL. Perhaps Omni would consider adopting a secure public url instead of password protecting subscribed calendars.

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That was one of the reasons I requested this. It’s a nice thought, but after, what?, 8 years with Google calendar and no password support, I’d like to see something better than nothing.

If you do not mind publishing your reminders to a public link, there is a way to subscribe to your OmniFocus-Reminders.ics file in a Google calendar.

  1. Set up a free DropBox account.
  2. Set up a free DropDav account for your DropBox.
  3. Set up OmniFocus to sync to the dropdav server under the “shared” directory on DropBox. (HTTPS:// You will need your DropDav login and password.
  4. Log into DropBox and copy the public link for the ics file once it’s created.
  5. Change the link from “” to “
  6. Subscribe to the link in a Google calendar. It does not need a password.

All done for free and you can see it from any calendar app that can see Google cals. It will also be updated whenever you sync.

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FWIW WebDav is no longer free, it is now a $5 a month subscription plan. I can see the potential for this service, but most apps work well with dropbox now, even if they do tend to make you pay for that feature to be unlocked. I’m really averse to monthly subscription plans, they have a way of adding up.

I’m kinda surprised OmniFocus doesn’t have sync w/ google calendar in place yet. Pretty much every other task management app has this down. Sending support an email to ask for this.

As you could have read 5 posts above in the excellent post by Brian: OmniFocus’ staff has the opinion they have a Google Calender-compatible sync format available. The only problem is that Google Calendar can’t reach it because it’s password protected.
I totally agree with them here that a solution on OmniFocus’ side can be no better than a workaround, an ugly hack so to say to get it to work with Google Calendar. The real solution should be made by Google, by allowing it’s calendar-service to subscribe to password-protected feeds.

I’ve left feedback for the Google Calendar team as well. Lets hope they play ball.

Is there any progress on this? It’s the only thing preventing me from buying OmniFocus

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Is it possible yet to Sync Ominfocus with Google Calendar? Or is there a workaround available … I am very satisfied with Omnifocus, though as a Google Calendar user I hope Omnifocus forecast could be integrated as well.

I understand from my searching that this is (unfortunately, to me) the last word on this issue until Google allows us to add password-protected calendars, but I wonder if OFG would ever consider obfuscating public iCal URLs as mentioned in cvd’s comment here?

I can’t predict when or if it’ll happen, but it’s definitely under consideration. (Meaning we have a feature request open on using this approach in our development database - I’ll make sure there’s a pointer to this thread filed in that item.)