Calendar Sync using automation

Hi all. Newbie here :-).

Since the release of OF3, I have been sorely missing ICS subscription for task deadlines with OmniFocus. Please do not tell me that I can use the Forecast view, because that is by far not a decent substitute.

I understand that Omnigroup cannot deliver everything, so I am trying to figure out if and how can I do this with the newly introduced automation.

What I am thinking:

  1. Use automation to push .ics file in some shared cloud store (such as dropbox shared folder).
  2. Use my cal app to subscribe to it (Fantastical in my case, but does not matter).

Reading task deadlines is easy, but any clue how to actually generate and upload the file in the background?

Any hints anyone?

Or am I the only who was using the ICS push feature? ;-)


This works for me:

@rosemaryjayne explains it very well.

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I’d also love to see such a feature to publish an ics or to a shared calendar. Rosemary’s past solution using Keyboard Maestro looks nice, but requires an always running Mac using Calendar app and Omnifocus installed on the Mac. Just having iOS won’t allow this.