Calendars not syncing between iPad/iPhone?

Ok, I’ve obviously done something wrong. I’ve got OF3 Pro on both devices.

Earlier today I added a few appointments for Thursday on my phone’s calendar (Google Calendar). They aren’t showing on my iPad at all, neither in the Google calendar app nor in OF3.

There are different calendars listed on both devices too, some the same but others are different. That may be a separate issue, but I thought if I added something to my Google Calendar it would show across devices and in OF3?


As described, wouldn’t this be an issue with Google Calendars only?

I think so, I just wondered if anyone else had the same issue. I don’t know where to go to get help from Google, I doubt they have a forum such as this or e-mail/chat help. But I will look when I get home from work later on, it’s just super annoying because I even have different calendars listed on both devices.

There’s 3 listed in iCloud, one with my e-mail address, a sports related one (one on one device, two on another, both the same thing just different years, I subscribe to it to get the schedule in my calendar), Birthdays, 2x UK Holidays (one on each device, both with different titles). Maybe I need a different calendar app because I don’t understand the need for all that lot, I need two - one for general stuff and the one for the sports schedule.

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