Can a sequential project live within a parallel project?

Newbie here.

If I create a parallel project, I may have several items that can be done in parallel.
Let’s say one of those parallel actions needs to be broken into a series of sequential actions.
How is this done?

Let’s contrive an example.
Say I have a folder “automotive”
In that folder I have a parallel project “Fix Jeep”
Action items may be “replace tail light” “vacuum interior” and then “replace freeze plug”
But to “replace freeze plug” really means to “pull the head” which would be 1) degrease engine 2) remove plug wires 3) Remove exhaust manifold …

That one is a little forced but I think you see where I’m heading. I suspect the answer will be “create a folder called ‘fix’ jeep” then have a parallel or single action list for one offs and then create sequential projects for the bigger stuff.

I think I’d still like to see a project within a project.

A project cannot contain another project.
However, a project can contain an action group, and that action group can be sequential or parallel, independent of its parent project.

So your example would look something like…

[F] Automotive
  [P] Fix Jeep (parallel)
    [A] replace tail light
    [A] vacuum interior
    [AG] replace freeze plug (sequential)
       [A] degrease engine
       [A] remove plug wires
       [A] remove exhaust manifold 

Here’s a relevant section of the OmniFocus for Mac documentation:


Perfect. That’s exactly what I needed. And wow, delete removes the entire action group with no warning or confirmation (that’s a little scary).

Thank you!

It’s a little scary but you can undo, which takes some of the sting out.