Can another person access their OF data on my Mac? [A: OS X user accounts.]

My college age son is home for a period and his computer is being replaced. While he waits, is it possible for him to use my computer and access his own Omnifocus 2 data? If he has his backups stored using the Omni Sync Server (and I do, too), could we temporarily use MY Omnifocus software until he gets his new computer and can load his data on that computer?


I’ve sent in a feature request for the ability to use - and sync - multiple OF databases. Currently, you can have a second OF database on your hard drive, but you can sync only one.

Could you help me out with how I can load his data? I think I’m probably missing a step or two below:

  1. Make sure that my own data is backed up.
    (Possibly change it so that it is backed up to my own hard drive instead of the sync server.)
  2. Have him load his data.

What I’m a little confused about is that I’m wondering where the data file on my computer is stored (both currently for me… and will it be the same place when he loads his data?)


Your file is ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus.ofocus.

The second database should be stored somewhere else (so it doesn’t overwrite yours), and can be renamed. To open it, simply double-click it.

What if she sets up a new user account, with a separate login, on her computer? If her license is “Computer” as opposed to “Personal” (see explanation here ), will it access and sync different databases, or still just one?

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@Leila: I think in this situation the easiest thing to do might be to set up a new user account on your Mac, as @devynosborne suggests. OmniFocus has the ability to sync a different database for each user on the same Mac, so when you’re logged in, OmniFocus can sync your data, and when he’s logged in, OmniFocus will sync his data.

If you create multiple accounts, you shouldn’t have to worry about where your OmniFocus database is being stored. Nevertheless, if you want to see, you can always find the file by command-clicking on the small icon at the top center of your OmniFocus window (next to the current perspective name). A pop-up menu will open that shows the path to your database file. (Keep in mind that OmniFocus 2 changed the path to this file, and it is no longer in ~/Library/Application Support.)