Can anyone help me understand why next review date and review interval aren’t front and center on iOS or iPadOS?

I haven’t found anything on this in my searching. For me, knowing when I will review a given project next is critical to the review process. I have way too many projects to remember what the interval is on each during my review, and currently I have to explicitly tap the review date to see what it’s set to, which just feels like it’s constantly irritating.

I use varying review intervals for projects I may not be able to act on right now, but need to not forget.

What are other’s thoughts on using this information during their review? Do you use it? Is there an easier way to see it that I’m missing? I normally do my reviews on the Mac, but there times when that is inconvenient.

Not sure I can help you understand OF logic but I can tell you how I deal with bubbling under stuff.

Basically I keep a SAL called “parked” which is a list with links in the notes to the actual project. I glance at this daily every morning to see if any projects need to be activated and have a good look at it weekly during the review. This moves the emphasis off the “formal” review while keeping parked projects front and centre


I trust that I set my review interval is set properly.

For projects that require closer observation or has constant changes, I’d set a shorter interval (1 day - 3 days). I have many my projects set to review every 7 days. A lot of “On Hold” or back burner projects are set to be reviewed every 2-4 weeks. There is the occasional project that I usually set to be reviewed once every 3 months or longer.

If a back burner (on hold) project becomes active (Set status to active), I’ll set the review interval to a shorter time. The more changes that happens in the project, the shorter the interval. The closer I am to the deadline, the shorter the interval.

The only time I need to check the review interval is if I switch a project between active and on hold. So I don’t really see it that much.

OF3 for Mac does allow me to see the review interval when I select a project and look in the inspector pane. But this information isn’t something that I need to look at constantly.


Thanks for your input.

I have several work related projects that need to be reviewed every 1-3 days, due to the nature of constant incoming tasks that I can’t control. The most evident time I find this need is when I’m nearing the end of the work week, and I want to defer the next review to the next business day rather than see work pop up on the weekend or on a holiday. I also have a large number of long running projects where I need/desire to change the frequency of review as priorities and availability shift. It would be really helpful to have a way to see that information at a glance without having to dig for it.

There is a script from @joebuhlig that will let you set the next review date here:

That could be handy, but first I’d like to know what it is. Maybe that’s not critical, if I just set it to what I want now, but most of the time it is set correctly, and I just need to see that it is. If I could see it at a glance, I wouldn’t need to bother with changing it.

Hmmm. Here’s an indirect way to show review interval. You might not like it but it’s worth trying.

Add the duration to the end of the project name.

Renovate kitchen {2d}

Hold a slumber party {1w}

Check the fire alarm system {3m}

2d = review every 2 days
1w = review every 1 week
1m = review every 3 months

As always, you can contact/email the Support Humans to vote for this feature request.

Thanks for the replies. I will submit a request. Just wanted to get a feel for other’s use of that info. in their processes. Doesn’t seem to be too hot of a topic though.

In the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight, if I go to the review perspective, the main outline does show me the review meta data.

When a project pops up in the review perspective, I can see the review interval and then determine whether I should change it as needed.

I think this would probably be the only time I’m ever concerned about the review interval.

OmniFocus 4 TestFlight for iPad/iPhone introduces the Focus feature that was only found on OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

Here’s another new OF4 feature. I can go to the Projects perspective and select my Home folder and Personal folder. Then I tap on the Focus button (circled in green - it’s the loupe icon). When I visit any perspective, the only projects/tasks that show up will be anything that resides in my Home folder or Personal folder. You can see if you’re in Focus mode by looking at the text box circled in red. I can tap the Unfocus Button to return back to normal view.

So if it’s the weekend, just focus on your Home folder and your Personal folder. Your review perspective (as well as all other perspectives) will only show projects and tasks that reside in those folders.

I’m guessing that there would be a way to create an OmniJS plug-in that will allow you to toggle this. Run a shortcut or an OmniJS script. If the script detects that it’s Friday at 5:01 pm, focus on a few selected folders. If it is Monday at 7:00 am, turn off the focus.

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Nice!

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Ooops… Sorry, check the above post. I just added some screenshots!

See you on the TestFlight when you get in!

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