Can embedded files in OmniFocus show icon

I am using OF for Mac Pro 3.14.3 on a beta of Sonoma.

I always want to embed files in OF items, never link to them. I like to view images inline but for documents I would much rather view simply an icon. In general I want to be able to control whether an embedded file is listed as an icon or in line.

I added a MS Document to a note and it created an icon with the title of the word document, which is embedded into the note, not linked, so that is good.

I added a jpeg file and it is viewed inline, which is what I want.

However, when I add a PDF document, I see the first page of the PDF. The PDF is embedded, so it is not like this is a terrible problem, but I am curious why I cannot control whether I see an icon or a preview.

Any way to do this?



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