Can I automate iOS syncing?

Hi there,

is there a way to automate Omnifocus on iOS to sync with my macbook? Instead of launching the app and waiting 2 minutes for it to sync haha.


OmniFocus for iOS doesn’t yet have Automation capabilities that would allow this. If you’re having trouble with long syncs please contact support via email or phone so we can help!

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Thank you. Does OF support background syncs? I was opening I could utilise ‘Workflow’ or something to achieve this. Thank you.

OmniFocus does support background sync, but currently for many (most?) users the silent push notifications that trigger syncs in the background are not getting delivered to OmniFocus until it is in the foreground. We have been unable to work with Apple to come up with a fix.

There’s no server-side API for OmniFocus (because there’s no server-side component of OmniFocus at all), so the only way to Workflow to interact with the app would be on your device, which would necessitate foregrounding it.