Can I change the time of the end of my day?

I use a lot of routine lists, but I’m sort of a night owl. How these lists works is that if I check something off, it appear one day after completion. However, for a lot of the my nighttime routine I might not finish until after midnight and that screws it up. Is there any way I can end my day at 2am or something like that?

What if you change the defer time from 00:00 to something later, like the earliest time you could complete it, or would want to see the actions.

If you change today’s item to be deferred until, say, 06:00 then all future copies of that task will retain that defer time.

You can also set the default defer time in preferences. This would affect the time when you set a task’s defer date with something like ‘tue’ or ‘tom’ (for Tuesday or Tomorrow).

Does that help?

There are lots of problems about differ time in such circumstance, you have to check off the repeat item within same day (0:00-12:00, calendar time) that the differ time set, otherwise you get the wrong repeat day.
Another app "todoist"can handle this, it calculate repeat with a different way(24hours, time to time, not the calendar time).