Can I draw an unclosed shape with pen?

Something that looks like this:


Hi Rob,

The line tool is your best bet for open shapes. Click once for each point and double click to end the line.

There is a feature request to allow creation of open paths from the pen tool. If you would like to add your voice to that request, please drop an email to and our support humans will make sure the request is properly tracked.



Do you want the two fragments of the broken line to line up? If so…

There might be a way by adding points and then opening it.

Simpler might be to put a white box over the bit of the line you want to delete.

Both of the suggestions in this thread (use line tool, or put a box over bit of line) will probably be good enough for what I’m trying to do. Thanks.

It is odd though that some of the predefined shapes can do this. I guess not all of these shapes can be reproduced manually. (Examples in screenshot below.)