Can I email OUT of omnifocus?

When in my ‘waiting for’ perspective I would like to chase up some individual tasks by emailing reminders to people I’m waiting for whilst still in omnifocus (I actually would do this much more if i knew an easy way of doing it!)
At the moment I’m copying the task and pasting it into my email to send out these reminders and wondered if there is a direct way I could email out the reminder from the actual task in Omni?
I know it is possible to do this from the iphone version but is it possible to also do this from the Mac?


It is not currently possible to send a message from within OmniFocus. However, rather than copy and pasting which is, indeed, a bit of a drag, you can use the “Share” button (box with upward arrow and part of the default toolbar set) and select “Mail”. This will create a new mail message and insert the title(s) of the selected OmniFocus action(s) as the body of the message.