Can I force an OF iOS sync from a Shortcut?

My use case is: I have a Shortcut on my iPhone that takes my voice input and runs it through Apple dictation, then adds the transcribed text as a new Task in my Inbox. It works great for quick, no-hands Task adding. However, when I get to my “real” computer and open OmniFocus, the newly added Tasks don’t show up. This is because my Shortcut does not trigger a sync of OF on my iPhone. I know that I can manually request a sync by opening up OF and dragging my finger downwards, but this kind of negates the benefit of the Shortcut, as I’d have to do it after every dictated Task or wait until I add a few of them, then manually synch.

Is there a way from a Shortcut to force an OF sync from my iOS device?

FWIW, I open OF on my iPhone and let it sync when I sit down at my desktop.

That workaround isn’t optimal for me. I collect incoming tasks on my iPhone and iPad while away from my computer. If I were to do the manual approach, I’d have to always remember to:

  • wait until I got home,
  • unlock my iPhone,
  • open OmniFocus,
  • drag the screen down to force a sync,
  • then, do the same for the iPad

Not a huge deal, but still not unattended synching (and I sometimes forget).

No way to call for a synch operation from a shortcut or from Python? Anyone?

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