Can I have a final task in a sequential project that always will be last?

Hi all,

I have some projects that have sequential tasks. Works fine. However, I add tasks in the proper order and I know with which task I will finish the project. Is there an option to assign as a feature to a task that it should automatically be listed as the last task in a given project?

Create an action group! In OF, an action group is itself an action with all the same attributes, and it will only become available when all the actions it contains have been completed.

Give the action group the name of the final task and the sequential type. It will contain all the other sequential tasks, which you can add to as you make progress.

The project item is itself the top action group, and needs to be completed, so you could skip the action group and just make the project name your final task. It depends on the nature of the project and how you want to describe it; if the project represents a clear outcome which is also your final task, that would be suitable.


Thank you for your good advice. I will try this approach now.

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