Can I have a perspective that combines 2 perspectives?

As context to this question:

My projects

- projectA
- projectB

- projectC
- projectD



Emails & Comms
Short dash

Basically, most of my contexts is oriented around a particular mood / energy level, as almost everything I do is on my laptop and I am always on my laptop.

I currently have a work custom perspective, which focuses on my work projects. This allows me to only see work related action items.

However, I would like to add an additional perspective to it:

  • In addition to the work related action items, I want to also show all the personal projects’ action items IF they are tagged with the Office perspective
  • This allows me to mostly focus on work.
  • AND, I do have personal tasks that I can ONLY do in the office or during business hours.

Is there a way to archive this? One way I had in mind was to create a work perspective and a persoanl @ office perspective and then combine them.

I have this same question. I know this was posted a long time ago but did you ever get an answer?

In OmniFocus 3 (IOS release upcoming end of May), this can be enabled using tags.

Basically all the proposed context can be represented using tags ( Commute, Office, Braindead, Emails & Comms, Short dash, Programming, Thinking, Learn), in which multiple tags can be assigned to actions items.

The perspectives in OF3 can be based on different combinations of tags, by which you can then create a perspective that combines 2 perspectives (i.e. multiple tags).

A more in-depth discussion on tags and their possibilities was given in:

Just yesterday the new podcast became available, which is specifically on perspectives in OF3, which is even more relevant for the question asked:

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