Can I Hide the Folder List in Sidebar?

On my mac, the folder list takes up a lot of space. I can’t seem to hide this list or make it any narrower and recapture the wasted space it is taking up. Is there a way to hide or narrow the folder part of the sidebar but keeping the perspective list visible?


The only way you can hide the folder list is to hide the sidebar. As you noted, this also hides the perspective tabs.

A couple of things that may help:

  1. Use the ⌥⌘S keyboard shortcut to quickly hide/unhide the sidebar.
  2. Get to know the keyboard shortcuts for the built-in perspectives and create keyboard shortcuts for custom perspectives you use frequently. I use Control+Letter for custom perspectives (e.g. ^H for Hotlist). This makes them easy to remember and avoid conflicts with built-in shortcuts.

I also recommend contact The Omni Group (by choosing Contact Omni from the Help Menu) to request a way to hide the sidebar without hiding the perspective tabs.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Tim! I appreciate your reply. I’ll contact Omnigroup. A LOT of wasted screen real estate in the folder portion of the sidebar. The best solution would be to add a setting in the Perspective settings to show or hide folders. Especially when you can display folders right in the Project list.


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