Can I set a Due Date with an All Day time?

I have a lot of day specific actions in my job, so in classic gtd fashion I put them in my calendar for the day I have to do them. Typically they don’t have a time, they just need doing before I finish the day. If I put them in my calendar manually I make them ‘All Day’ apointments. That way they sit at the top and don’t mess up the calendar’s appointments below.

If I try to do that from Omnifocus I can only set a specific time, which doesnt really work very well. For one thing there’s rarely a time deadline anyway, other than ‘before I leave’, so the time chosen is arbitrary. More importantly I might have a dozen of these tasks sometimes, and setting a dozen calendar appointments for 5pm just makes your calendar unreadable.

It’d be ideal if they could just sit at the top of the calendar as all day events. That way they’d be easy to see and I could avoid duplicating actions into my calendar.

Any ideas?

If I remember correctly, there is a setting that changes what due time gets entered when you supply a date without a specific time. It defaults to 5pm, but maybe it would benefit you to set it to 11.55pm?

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