Can I set Context Locations in Omnifocus 2.2 from my Mac?


I’m new to OF and I’m really starting to enjoy it!

When setting up contexts, I would like to set up Location-based Contexts. Can I do that from a Mac? Similar to how OSX’s own calendar allows you to do it.

I spend most of my time on my mac so it’s a bit of a chore if I setup\edit a location context on my iPhone.

Thank you.

(Using OSX 10.10.3 and iOS 8.1).

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I think you would need OmniFocus 2 for iOS because you would need the GPS.

But it would be interesting to have it access Apple Maps or Google Maps. Send a feature request to to put in your vote.

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Thank you. I’ll send in a suggestion.

I know it can’t be 100% reliable (as per the omnigroup support comments on location tracking) but it will certainly be much useful those who do spend majority of time on the Mac App.

Sorry big image of what Apple Calendar does…