Can I sort tasks? [A: Yes, using “Organize" menu.]

By Due Dates or whatever?

Yes. Go into the Perspectives Menu, and select “Show Perspectives”.

Select the Perspective you want to sort, and on the right side of the window, you’ll see “Sort Actions By”.

The choices include Due, Defer Date, etc.

Just click on the “eye” icon, or select View>Show View Options on the menu, or hit ⇧⌘V and play with the options you have in there.

Ok, I get it. So I have to pay more to get such as simple feature… Can I get my money back?

Not sure you can…

But for sure you could…
RTM; (pg 29 has what you’re looking for. Spoiler: yes, sort bye due dates is there. No Pro needed.)
…realise this is a forum;
…and eventually, request support for your specific case (Help>Contact Omni is what you should look for)

You’re welcome! ;-)

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I agree, it sucks that we can’t set a default “sort by” for things. My problem with it as it currently stands is I don’t want new perspectives. They ones they have are what I need, I just want to have them automatically sorted by due date.

Hi! The Focus Bar it’s a pro feature too… (so, you have to go to in-app purchase)…
This is a forum, so I was asking it that was possible or not, because it’s frustrating that something so basic is a pro-feature…
Thanks again.

You asked if it is possible to sort by due dates. It is. And you don’t need to have Pro.
Then you asked if it is possible to have your money back. For that, only way is talking directly to Omni ;)

Sorry again, but do you have to pay again for “the focus bar”?

Yes, focusing is a pro feature, as are custom perspectives. But sorting is not.

A more detailed comparison chart is available on the OmniFocus product page.

Dear KyleS, I’m sorry again, but I can’t find the option to sort by due date in the project view. I could do this before, in Omnifocus 1, and I can’t see where to do this in Omnifocus 2. I’ve reviewed the comparision chart and I don’t see anything regarding sorting…

In the Projects perspective, you can sort manually.

In the Contexts perspective, the Show Perspectives window allows you to sort by Due Date & Flagged, or by Project.

In the Flagged perspective, the Show Perspectives window allows you to sort by Project or Due Date.

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In Projects panel you CAN’T sort by due date! You can do it manually, but that’s not very useful.

In context perspective you can by due date, but you must give a context for every task. This is not useful.

In Flagged perspective, you can sort by due date, but you only in tasks that have been flagged previously.

In Omnifocus 1 you can do all. Much easier, much better.

When you buy the software, coming from Omnifocus 1, you think you’re be able to do the sorting by due date from the Project panel, because it’s a very basic feature. There’s no reason not to be able to do that.

Are you looking for the “Sort Once” item under the organize menu?

Things have been moved around & renamed a bit but I’m not aware of any changes to sorting from OF1.

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Yes, but that option is available only with the in-app purchase. That’s my complaint.

Hmm, Organize->Sort Once->By Date Due should be available in Standard, not just Pro. Select some tasks, then double-check that Organize menu?

That said…

If you paid $80 for OmniFocus 1 and care at all about any of the Pro features that were in v1—custom perspectives, focus, scripting, etc.—I highly recommend paying $40 to upgrade to the Pro edition of v2 rather than paying $20 to upgrade to Standard. You get 50% off either way, but the Pro edition lists for $80, just like v1 did, so you’ll be saving $40 on your upgrade—a significantly better deal than the $20 you save when upgrading to Standard.

(This is assuming you’re upgrading an Omni Store purchase. If you’re upgrading a Mac App Store purchase, you only have the option to pay $40 since the Mac App Store doesn’t allow discounts on base product pricing. But when you do that, we give you the Pro upgrade for free—assuming you previously purchased OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store, that is. We can only offer upgrade discounts when you purchase OmniFocus 2 from the same place as you purchased OmniFocus 1.)


You have indeed to select the tasks. It is a bit weird but after selecting the context, perspective or flagged, you have to select the individual tasks too

I’ve used OmniFocus for years now to record a daily journal. From time to time I want to open the archive and find a journal entry on a given date. But I can’t seem to sort these completed actions by date.