Can I sync the Sidebar and Toolbar setups?

I know I can sync perspectives, but is it possible to sync the toolbar and sidebar arrangements?

@matty Not at the moment, sorry! If this is functionality you’d find useful, please shoot our support team an email ( - we’d be happy to add your vote to our open feature request.


I thought about this at first but this wouldn’t work for me.

I have to have different toolbar and sidebar arrangements. My Mac Mini with the larger screen has more room for toolbar icons and sidebar tiles. But this wouldn’t work on the MacBook Air 11" with its smaller screen.

I’m going to email in this feature request as well. It sucks and is completely outdated compared to any cloud based piece of software that I have to painstakingly duplicate my tool bar and side bar on all of macs at home and the office (man, I wish we had a cloud version of Omnifocus!!)

isn’t there also no preference file to copy between devices or versions (testing vs. stable)?

Hey! Any plans for this feature on the roadmap?