Can I turn off the "OmniFocus Clippings service"?

I’m playing around with (the free trial of) OmniFocus 2.0.3, and now every popup menu on my Mac says “OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox”. In the manual this is described as the “OmniFocus Clippings service”.

This is kind of annoying, and while OmniFocus looks pretty cool, I never use Services, especially from context menus.

Is there any way to turn this off?

In System Preferences, go to keyboard, shortcuts. In the left pane, select services. Then scroll down in the right pane until you find Omnifocus 2: Send to Inbox. Uncheck, done.


i just want to ask why? (of course, what works best for you is best for you!) only because i use the services menu extensively and find it very useful, and actually i really look forward to OF being put into the yosemite share menu in a future update. i wonder why you dislike it.

1. I’ve got a couple dozen applications here. There are 21 permanently in my dock alone. If each one added even just one item to the system context menu, it would be completely unusable.

Putting OmniFocus in that menu assumes that it’s one of my most important applications. It’s a pretty nice application where I keep lists of things to do, but that’s all. I’m not so focused on Process here that I need to re-shuffle my tasks every few minutes. In frequency of use, it’s not one of my top 10 apps.

2. I can’t figure out any workflow where this would be useful. How often do I see selectable text somewhere, and want to create a new task in OmniFocus with exactly that text? I won’t say it can’t happen, but I don’t think it’s ever happened to me.

Often I see something and I’m reminded of some other task I need to do. In that case I just type “command-tab command-N”. It’s not difficult to do.

3. The share button is another thing I turn off, since it’s mostly full of services I never use, and there’s no easy or reliable way to remove items from it. I don’t use social media, and my computer usage does not revolve around “sharing” things. I think the only service there that I use is Mail, and “command-C” is not so difficult to press that I need another button/menu in every application. Or just drag an icon to Mail in the dock. To me, the share button is trying to solve a non-problem.

I like my Mac because, for the most part, it stays out of my way. As we learned from Clippy, it’s better to do less but do it reliably, than to try to guess what the user wants and get it wrong most of the time. System Services are a great concept but the design is almost identical to what I was using on NeXT 25 years ago, when “throw everything in a giant context menu” was considered cutting edge UI design.

thanks for the extensive reply ken. it’s actually given me some food for thought - how much stuff in my workflow do i really need? - and you’re right, something i read might provoke a task or a new project, but i don’t need the actual text in OF.