Can I use Omniplan like this? Use Cases - Project with "fuzzy" timeslines

I’m very happy with OmniFocus and have most of my projects in here - however, I sometimes miss a more graphical overview of a project’s timeline, it’s phase etc.

Currently I work on setting up a workshop in March next year.
The scope for the workshop will be defined in the next 2-3 weeks by some team members from all around the world. A different set of people will then together draft an Agenda in December - and sometime in January/Feb we’ll start with more detailed logistics.

I would love to be able to declare certain times on a chart as a Phase, within which certain tasks shall be done. The duration of the phase would be defined, and not necessarily dependent on the tasks within - but actually dictating the time given for those tasks. For example: “December: Agenda Drafting”

Maybe I’m missing something - so far, my tasks and projects in Omniplan all the time adjust and move around, level themselves etc ;).
Any advice?


With the Discourse system, it can sometimes be very hard to understand the product being discussed in a particular thread without clicking on the weblink at the bottom. Back in the day, the email subject stated which forum the thread related to.