Can I write a plugin that runs an action when a certain event takes place?

I have an OmniFocus script that I use several times a day. Right now, I select a certain kind of task and then run the script, which completes the task and then adds it elsewhere in the task tree.

It works well enough, but my dream is that I could just click the checkbox to complete the task and OmniFocus would run the script, determine that it meets the criteria for this action, and run the logic in the plugin on its own.

Is this possible? The “Handlers” section of the Automation documents seems promising, but I don’t know what handlers are available.

Yes, I agree. Let’s hope that gets implemented.

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There was another thread somewhere on this recently.

In it I said to shift your automation point so the plugin both completes the task and does the rest of the automation. Rather than expecting the plugin to run in the event of a completion.

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