Can links be made from one OmniDocument to another?

In an OmniOutliner document, can a link be made, in some format, to open another OmniOutliner document and link to some place?

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There are a couple different ways you could link from one Outliner document to another. You can use Edit > Attach File, and select the option for “Create a link to the file”. This will add an alias that will let you open the other document, but won’t link to a specific place within the other outline.

*Note: In OS X 10.11, after selecting Attach File, you’ll need to click Options in the lower-left corner of the Finder window that opens to reveal the choice for “Create a link to the file”.

Alternatively, to link to a specific row in another document you can use Edit > Copy As Link, and paste the link in another outline. However, this link will only work if the document it links to is already open.

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Thank you so much for that. That works really well. It may not open the document, but it can take me to where I need to be with the document open. Thanks … :)

It would be nice if OO could tell you the name of the document it’s linked to. The error message looks unfriendly and contentless.

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Developers should figure out a way to combine the two. I find the “Crash” window scary if I attempt to click on a link to an unopened file the second time (usually appears the second time. First time is a friendly warning).

OO is smart enough to know what file is being linked to, but it’s not showing that to us somehow. How about give us the ability to ATTACH an OO file, and then apply the “copy as link” to be pasted on that attach file. So that when we click on it, it will open the file (if it’s not already open) and then jump right to the linked part of the file.

Is Attach File a Pro-only function?

As per the feature comparison, yes. As well, the feature is only discussed in the Pro manual.

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I realize that this is an old post - but the last query asked by tboo does work.

Find the OO file that you want to link to in its Finder window
Copy “…”
Paste this hyperlink into OO
This link will open the other OO document.

But only with OO documents does it continue to work
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