Can OF group/sort projects AND tags? Will it ever be able to?

Maybe my never-ending journey setting up OF perspectives is because I want it to do something it can’t. Do you have a solution for this?

I built an example from scratch in airtable in under 10 minutes. That might also explain my reluctance to accept that a 13 year old database application known for its power and customization wouldn’t support some way to do the same.

  1. Group tasks by project AND
  2. sort/group projects by whatever tag, flag, etc, (in my example it’s “priority”) AND
  3. sort tasks by whatever tag, flag, etc.


The closest I have been able to get in OF is to use the project notes field to apply searchable “tags” (strings) to projects, since tags and flags inherit. But then must use multiple perspectives (Projects with Priority 1, Projects with Priority 2, etc)

I don’t think you can do more than contact Omni asking for more project grouping options in perspectives, unfortunately.

This kind of big view is valuable for gaining perspective, which, in my opinion, should be one of the uses of perspectives! Perspectives shouldn’t just be for choosing the very next thing to do.

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