Can OmniFocus pull URL title when saving website from Safari share sheet on OS X?

Is there a reason you have to manually type in the title of a webpage when saving it from Safari using the OS X share sheet? Is there an update coming that will add it automatically? Thanks!

I came here looking for a solution to this exact issue. It drives me nuts that I don’t get the title of the page in OF when using the share sheet.

Can I assume you haven’t found a workaround?

I don’t use the share sheet for this reason - it seems pretty useless.

I use the OmniFocus:Send to Inbox service instead, which has been around for years and works great. I’ve even given it a keyboard shortcut (you can do this in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services.

Does this work for you in Safari?

For me, it doesn’t appear in the available Services in Safari, though it does in other programs.

You have to have highlighted some text on the page; then services become visible and, if you Send to Omnifocus Inbox, you get the highlighted text as the name of the task and the url in the task notes

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Ah ha! I never realized that. Thanks!

It’s an old thread, but in case someone is looking for a good solution for this problem check out OmSave.

It’s an extension for Safari that adds a button in a toolbar to save into OmniFocus. It pre-fills the title and page description for you, but also can attach the main image from the page or its screenshot. You can set it up to assign tags and a project for all the entries you save from Safari. The format of entries is configurable, so you can tweak it to your liking using the built-in editor.

I just recently released it, but I’ve got a pretty good response and planning to have more updates in the near future expanding the functionality and making it even more useful.


Hi @dsabanin ,

I’ve been trying to reach you via your support email about my existing bug report, but have received no response since the first week of September. Is there a better way to reach you?

I am still seeing the double inbox entry when using OmSave. It’s minor, but annoying. I don’t use your promising extension, as it adds clicks when it’s supposed to save them. :-/

Let me know how we can get back in touch. Thanks!


How come sharing from Safari on macOS still doesn’t work properly? This is so basic. iOS works just fine.

It’s puzzling to me that the Share menu extension was neglected and this bug was never fixed.

Luckily, as mentioned previously in this thread, the ‘OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox’ service continues to work fine in Safari. You can select some text in the webpage if that’s the inbox item title you want to use.

There’s another way: select the page URL in Safari’s address bar (with a double-click), and right-click to use the service on that. Then the service will automatically use the webpage’s title.

Here’s a bookmarklet I’ve been using for years:


This bookmark works great!
But is it possible to stop safari pop-ups the permission request every time?

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Suddenly when I type Omni and press space I get this; “javascript:window.location=‘omnifocus:///add?note=‘+encodeURIComponent(window.location)+’&name=‘+encodeURIComponent(document.title) “

It happens on my iPhone, iPad and Mac regardless of what application I’m using. Text, word, Logic. I’m not trying to reference Omnifocus at all, simply using the word “omni” No matter what I touch after typing it, I get the JavaScript replacement text instead of what I typed.

How do I correct this?

Im asking in this thread because this is the only place the text string shows up in Google. I’m thinking you guys/gals might know how to get rid of this. I haven’t used Omnifocus in 6 or 7 years. Great app but whats happening now?