Can OmniFocus reminder persist on the lock screen?

One of the things I like about Apple’s Reminders app is that if I have a reminder due at a certain time, I’ll get a notification on the lock screen (iPhone/iPad). Even after I go to the Springboard, that reminder will persist on the lock screen until I do something about it.

With OmniFocus, the task will show up on the lock screen when it is due, but once I go to the Springboard, it’s gone from the lock screen (meaning, I only get to see it once). I like that the Reminders app is persistent, as I have to continue to see tasks that are due on my lock screen each time I pull out my phone. Is this one of those features only Apple apps can use, or is there a way to make OmniFocus reminders stay on the lock screen?

I use Due for my time sensitive actions.

It like the Reminders app on sterioids.


Thanks, I just picked that up.

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Due, if used carefully & sparingly is superb for those wee reminders that must NOT be forgotten! That & OF2 occupy hallowed ground on my iPhone!

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While DUE provides a fine alternative, I have the same question as the OP. I have the most recent version of OF on my iPhone. I have badges turned off, but all other notifications enabled in settings and preferences. I am set to banners not alerts. My goal is to have due items show up on my iPhone lock screen. Is this even possible with OF, or to they show only in the today view?

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