Can someone please post screenshots of OF iOS 14 widgets in TestFlight?

I understand that OmniFocus has added iOS 14 widgets in the latest TestFlight build. I’m not signed up for TestFlight, and I haven’t been able to find a complete picture of the kind of widgets that are being tested. Can someone please post some screenshots or point me to more information? I am so curious!

Here are the forecast widgets

The small and medium forecast widgets are nearly useless imho. What a waste of space just to display numbers for the next three days…
Omni should add higher information density i.e. task previews and look to competitors who did it better (e.g. Things). This will probably be implemented for other perspective widgets but why not also for forecast if Omni really is that proud of that standard perspective?

Actually I like and use the Medium widget. It’s the Large I don’t “get”. What is the space below the tallies for? If it showed today’s tasks I would be happy. Maybe it does but I won’t dedicate that much space if it doesn’t.

But I agree the small one is fine if you plan not very far at all ahead. (Cynically, but not unkindly, I think the small one is there just to have one. Maybe Big is, too.)

Overall I like that OmniFocus has widgets and the general design.

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