Can tagged items without projects be added to a folder?

Can tagged items that are not associated with a Project be added to a Folder?

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Use a Miscellaneous project or Single Action List (SAL) to hold all those tasks that don’t fit into other projects.

Everything’s gotta have a home. It’s hard to hold water in thin air. Put it in a cup or bowl. Orphaned tasks can be collected in a Miscellaneous SAL or project for us to deal with.

I have a “Personal Actions” Single Action List to hold generic things like “pick up the dry cleaning” or “Buy dog food”.

Here’s an alternative that I’m trying at the moment.

My goal is to get Actions out of my Inbox and treat them as ‘Someday maybe’—things that are not really fully-fledged Project Actions. Usually things that I won’t get sacked if I don’t actually do. I found that assigning groups to a phoney project created an unnecessary step.

My Inbox clears an Action if I tag it—I don’t need to assign it to a Project. For this I use a tag called ‘Zzz’. This works well BC you only need to type ‘zz’ and Omnifocus selects the correct tag—especially useful from an iPhone.

I’ve created a Favourited Perspective that looks for Zzz tagged items. From there I can review and apply proper tags/projects, if that makes sense; &/or remove the Zzz tag. Or just delete them and never actually bother to do them :)

So, don’t ever have to bother adding an Action to a Project, unless I really want to; and the Zzz tag Perspective stops me from losing those Actions.

The action automatically becomes assigned to a predefined project, though, when it is cleared from the Inbox. But the described method could of course still be a successful approach.

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