Can Tags for People have Location information

I am wondering if OF3 tags can be aware of a person’s location? Like the iOS app Find my Friends. Basically, I would like to know or be notified when a person, that I’ve tagged, is near so I can complete the actions that I need that person to do.

Like how I love walking into HomeDepot, Lowes, or Menards and like magic all the things I need appear. Wife loves not so much ;-)

The closest I think you could get is to give the person an iBeacon (I use Estimote ones myself), and have Launch Center Pro pop up with a link to that tag when it detects the “location”. This is reliant on the other person being willing to have the iBeacon with them all the time though!

I know this is a little dated but I’ve been working with some Estimote beacons lately for other home automation projects. Am I missing OF functionality that exists where I can tie tags to a beacon?