Can task's estimated time be showed in OF2 calendar?

Show task’s estimated time in OF2 calendar

I use Forecast perspective to organize the tasks for next day, but task events are always shown as a time point at in calendar.
If the task has a estimated time, could OF2 calendar shows its duration time?
It will be easier for me to decide the time to finish a big task.

Immediately show what changes when I change tasks’ status

I find that OF2 calendar need quiet a lot time to show the tasks’ change I have made in OF2.
I think it will be better, if the calendar could show the changes immediately.


Estimate time is an great feature, if shows in calendar the exact time, it would be great

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I want to see my Estimated time of my actions in Apple Calendar. For example, if my action takes 2 hours, I want to see 2 hours visually in my Apple Calendar. By default, each action is shown just 15 minutes. Is there any solution?

Estimated durations can’t be displayed as blocks of time in a subscribed calendar currently, but if you drop our Support Humans a line at we’ll be glad to add your +1 to our open feature request for that!