Can we add additional export formats?

Just wondering if it’s possible (like with OmniOutliner) to add custom export plugins (rather than scripts) to OF2?

I don’t expect it to necessarily be easy/documented/supported ;-)

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I would also like to request this. I use a MAC at work, by most of my coworkers are on Windows. There are many times I need to “export” a project to Excel for meetings, just so they can see it.

This would also be a convenient way to publish in a format that might work well with Panic’s StatusBoard…

The OmniOutliner plugin scheme is pretty straight-forward: OO provides an XML representation of the file and the plugin transforms it with XSLT into whatever, I’ve written one for TaskPaper by modifying an existing MarkDown plugin.

If OmniFocus could present the content of the current view as (preferably) OPML, we could create plugins quite easily.

It may well possible to cobble together something like this from Rob Trew’s OPML export applescripts but it would lack the simplicity of being able to install a plugin that provides a new option in the existing export menu.