Can we create sub-projects or -contexts via autocomplete?

I often create inbox items and then when I go through the inbox items I create a project or move the task to the appropriate project, rename the task appropriately, etc., etc When I feel the need to create a new project (especially in the inbox view) it would be very handy and time saving to be able to create a new project directly within a folder rather than it being created (via comman-return) in the root of the projects.

I.e. example could be If I have identified a new DIY project that I start to autocomplete the task’s project and it shows up in autcomplete as ‘home : DIY’ (DIY being a folder under home) then I can select that in the autocomplete and press a shortcut (say command-tab) and then I can start to type in the project name that I want to create and it will directly appear in the ‘home : DIY’ folder.

This is supported by the completion field in OmniFocus 2.

The hierarchy separator is “:”.

To create a nested context, you might type something like:

People : Jonolo

To create a project in a folder, you might type something like:

Personal : Plan Trip to Visit Jonolo

The enclosing folders or contexts will be automatically created if they do not already exist.

That technique is also supported in OmniFocus 2 for iPhone.

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You’re right - this works well for contexts. It also works ok for projects when the folder name is short and can be typed in. The issue for me seems to be when folders either have long names or have a nested structure which make it almost impossilbe to type the full structure in to the field. I would like to be able to select a folder in autocomplete (which doesn’t make a lot of sense as I task can’t go into the folder) and then be prompted to create a project in that folder.

The use case for me is that projects should be ‘easier’ to create on the fly than contexts as they come and go more frequently. And being able to create them in the right location straight away is an important time saver.

I’d like to be able to use auto-complete to nest my tasks in my inbox to existing folders.

For example, If I have a folders called WORK: CLINICAL and I’d like to create a new project called “Improve wait times” to those nested folders. When I type in the project assignment area, what happens is I have to type the entire path for it work i.e. “WORK:CLINICAL:Improve wait times” then command-enter. How do I do this without having to type the nested folders?

As far as I’m aware, you do have to explicitly type the path in order to create a new nested project. If you abbreviate, it will interpret it as creating a new folder path with the abbreviated names.

How to do that? Example from structure below - how would I autocomplete create a new project under Folder livesite issues for instance?

  • Folder “work”
  • Folder “Livesite issues”
    • Project “x”
    • Project “y”
  • Folder “projects”
    • Project “z”

When I autocomplete I only get through to the projects - its not possible for instance to auto complete to a folder.

Type work : Livesite issues : new project name into quick entry and control-return.

I must be doing something wrong. When I type in Livesite issues I get the two projects within that folder as autocomplete options. And when I select one and try to backspace to just select the folder I can’t do that.

I don’t want to have to type in the whole ‘Work:Livesite issues’ - because in different places that can become really long and error prone.

I’m doing this personally from the quick entry box.

Sorry; the only way that I’m aware of to create new projects inside a folder path is to type the whole thing out. You’ll probably have to write omni directly to ask for different behavior.

Thx Lucas.

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