Can we get a better system to submit bug reports, feature requests etc.?

The current system of having official forums that aren’t a actually official is really annoying - basically users are beings asked to copy and paste everything they’ve written here into email and in the meantime the fanboys are kept busy adding the Omni support address to every post.

There’s got to be a better system.

In fact there is, at least according to the welcome post. If you tag a post with @SupportHumans it should reach OmniGroup support.

But that sends it to when the real magic address to have your voice heard and your vote counted is .

So how about adding a tag to email that address so users no longer need to do extra work and fanboys can be spared the work of posting the address in every thread with a feature suggestion?

Just trying to make things easier for everyone.


If email about OmniFocus is sent to support@ it will get sorted into the OmniFocus support queue.

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