Can we have the ability to control the size of the windows?

Can we just have the ability to control the size of the windows. Then we could have the calendar always available as well as project list.

That seems like a minor fix that would have major usability improvements



I’m not sure I understand the request. OmniFocus already lets you resize windows, and remembers the size of each window you had open last time you used the app. (When you hide the left sidebar and the inspector, you can make a window quite small!)

But to quickly sort through files and assign dates, Contexts and move to projects it would be great if we could make it smaller


This is as small as I can make the window

This is what I would like it to be.

Along with this list

Then I could put next to this list

Then one could drag and drop to the projects, dates and contexts.

What I’ve sometimes wanted, and it feels like this is almost approaching is the ability to build views out of different panes.

Basically like if every folder, every context, every perspective was a panel in Photoshop or Xcode. Dock my “Around the house” persepective along the right column, add my upcoming calendar to the bottom left.

I don’t know how this would work, or how complex it would feel (very) but the ability to create “Status Board” style panes would be pretty powerful. Don’t know if it’s the way OmniGroup should go though…

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I’d like the ability to resize windows as well. In the main task window, shown here as the Inbox, I’d like to be able to adjust the size of the inspector. I can change the screen size, but all that does is increase the amount of white space following a task. I’d like to widen the inspector window so that I can see more data (I forward a lot of email and being able to extend the inspector would be handy). Hovering the mouse over the dividing lines does change the mouse to a line with two arrows (seemingly indicating that this would resize the window, but, sadly, no). However, the dividing line can’t be moved. The size of the inspector window remains constant. See two screenshots below:

I just wanted to follow up on this topic, I guess my question is if it is a small matter to allow you to automatically resize all windows would it be something that you could put in the near-term releases, or is it hardcoded somewhere that you can only shrink windows to a certain size, is there any reason that that is beneficial?

I like the other person’s comment about building your own dashboard. Then you can have the user interface that you want simply resizing a bunch of windows on the screen.

When I’m driving I use reminders to create a bunch of tasks in my inbox and then when I get home I’d really like to be able to take those 100 items and quickly be able to drag-and-drop them to the date and project that they’re related to.

Many of the other task management applications available seem to be much more drag-and-drop orientated than Omnifocus which sometimes feels like an old IBM mainframe “fill in the field” type application. I must admit the main thing that keeps me with OmniFocus is the excellent support provided by your phone support people.

Is there anything I can do to escalate this feature request?

Now that Split Screen view is available in OS X El Capitan, the ability to shrink windows to a smaller (narrower) size is even more crucial, IMHO. Right now, if I create a window that contains just my core action list, it takes up a lot more space than it needs to when placed in a Split View alongside another app (such as Mail or Calendar), thereby reducing the space available to that other app.

There’s a lot of white space left in the main tasks window that doesn’t need to be there in the first place, but it’s especially odd that we can’t reduce the size to eliminate that white space.