Can we indent/outdent actions in context view? [A: feature request]

Has there ever been thought given to giving outline structure to a list of actions in a project? In other words, some actions are indented - or nested - under other actions. I would love this ability, as I sometimes find occasions to group actions together as a sub-set of a project.

Here’s a ridiculously over-simplified example:

Currently, I could make my grocery list separate actions:

Buy Eggs
Buy milk
Buy bread
Buy cheese

Or I could make an action “Get groceries: Eggs, milk, bread, cheese (etc.)” as one long line.

But I’d rather make a list in which “Get groceries” is task, and the separate items are an indented list nested below it:

Get the groceries
(indent) Eggs
(indent) Milk
(indent) Bread
(indent) Cheese

I could mark individual ones as completed more easily this way.

It would also enhance the visual nature of the display - things would read more easily - and it would allow us a little more ability to manually sort when manual sort isn’t an option.

I’ve emailed this as a feature request, but I thought I’d ask here: is there any way to do something like this now that I haven’t figured out?

Yes subtasks that are indented are already supported in OmniFocus. You can find the feature under Organize -> Indent / Outdent.

Beside the visual effect there is also some nice logic behind subtasks so that all get marked as completed when you complete the parent task and you can choose if the tasks are parallel or sequential.

You can even indent multiple levels so you can have subtasks of subtasks.

Yes, I see it’s available in Projects view - my bad for not checking that.

But in Contexts view (where I spend most of my time) the indented subtasks appear without their parents visible above them, so they lose a bit of their meaning.

I’ll submit a feature request.