Can you activate clip-o-tron without selected text?

Clip-O-Torn only seems to activate when I have text selected. Is it possible to have it activate when no text is selected? For example, if on a website in Safari, just populate the task with the page title and url. Or if an email message is selected in the message list, just populate the task with the message subject and url. Is this possible?


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The OmniFocus Clippings Service is a standard OS X Text Service, so it does require a selection of some kind; with no selection, OS X won’t allow us to call the Service.

In the case of Safari, clicking into the address field (or using Command-L) will enable you to do what you’d like, as it will select the URL; in the case of, the Clip-o-Tron allows you to select a message in the list, and then use the Clippings Service to capture the Subject and a link back.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. That makes sense now.

Happy to help!