Can you clone a Forecast perspective (or remove a certain project group from it)

Hi all

I like Forecast perspective in OmniFocus 3 a lot, but… my Work and Home projects are very different and I don’t like to mix them together. Work projects are many and are in many groups, while there are not many Home projects and they are all in one project group.

Is it possible to somehow recreate Forecast view via the custom perspectives (or at least almost recreate?) so that I could filter out the Home group?

Or how do you solve the need to separate Home-Work projects? And do you use Forecast view when doing it?

On the Mac (Pro) you can use the Focus command to focus in on an area of your system (i.e. a folder or even a specific project). When you switch to the Forecast perspective you’ll only see items from that area.

For example, I sometimes focus on my “Personal” folder to restrict the Focus perspective to personal tasks.

On a side note, focusing on a specific area can also be helpful when using the Review perspective. While focused, you’ll only see projects for the part of your system that are waiting to be reviewed.

I hope this helps!

Aha, so I’ll basically need to make big main level groups Work/Home and subgroups inside… Probably will look a little clumsy (multi-level groups), but should work. Thank you!

You’re welcome! I find it very helpful to have top-level folders. You don’t necessarily need to create subfolders within these top-level folders…but sometimes another level of organization is warranted if you have a lot going on in that area. Otherwise, just add projects directly to the top-level folders.