Can you guys print column headings?


When I go to Print (to save a PDF, actually) my column headings are not rendered, and instead there is a blank bar where they should go. I have the Print setting to “Print column titles” enabled. Toggling it off causes the preview to shift the content up, so it’s like it’s trying to add space for the headings but they aren’t being shown. In dark mode, it actually creates a black bar where they should go; in light mode it’s just white space. Any ideas?

Yes, I experience the same. Please send a bug report.

Thanks, I submitted a report this morning.

Same problem, quite annoying. Does someone has any idea for a possible workaround?

The bug is not happening to me anymore on v5.9.1. Are you up to date?

Hi, yes I am on 5.9.1. For now I introduced a supplementary row at the beginning of the document, in which I have copied the column titles. They are of course not printed on every page, but at least they are visible.

That’s too bad it’s not fixed for you. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I’m on Monterey 12.1 and using OO Pro version. What I did earlier was submit a report to

I now updated to Monterey 12.1, and the issue is now solved!

Glad to hear that!