Can you set a due date without setting a due time? [Answered]


I use the due dates only as a day specific reminders. I have this tied to my calendar so they show in both Omnifocus and my calendar on that specific day. 90% of the time this does not require a time. Is there a way to turn off the due date time?


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At what time would you expect an action without a due time to appear overdue? The answer to the question is usually what you should set your default due time to (and then let OmniFocus fill in that time automatically).

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So you’re saying that if I have a day specific reminder thats not time specific, I would put the due date somewhere close to the end of that day? Say 11:00pm?


Yep. And since you mention that this applies to 90% of your actions, then you should make it your default in Preferences > Dates and Times so that you don’t have to specify it manually.

Makes sense. Thanks!

What if i want a specific task to show on a specific due date, but don’t need it to necessarily ping me at a specific time?

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You can remove the notifications from any item individually via the inspector (see Mac screenshot below), or use OmniFocus Settings/Preferences to default them to off and then add custom notifications to the items you do want to be notified about.


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Thanks Dave. I appreciate it.

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