Can you stroke a wavy line?


I may take a shot at this with Javascript/Applescript, but before I do, I’m wondering if anyone knows a way to do this manually. I see that if I draw a line I can select different styles like dots and dashes, but I’d like it to be wavy – something like a sine wave. I can’t draw it by hand with each control point because there would be too many small waves in a line.


can you show us an example what you have in mind?

I made a straight line by manually drawing 1 cycle of the wave, and then duplicating, moving the duplicate to align endpoints, then duplicating a bunch more times. It looks like:

(I grouped them all and rotated that too.) Now I’d like to be able to bend that wiggly line into a larger shape. Like this, but this is manually drawn so the wiggle is imprecise…


FWIW in the past, I’ve done these kinds of things using Mathematica (obviously not an option for many people) then imported the PDF into OG. If you’re on OG Pro, you may be able to do this kind of procedural drawing using AppleScript.

OG generally lacks facilities for batch-modification or procedural drawing, and these are things I’d love to see added in future releases.

Looks like a roll profile plot aka circular waveform. I don’t see an easy way to do this in OG. Not sure if AppleScript + OG is the way to go. Have a look at iDraw (65 bucks in applestore if I recall correctly) which is a simple but powerful vector drawing package which supports javascript.