Cannot Open Archive

Hi all. I’m new to OF2 and am trying to recover a project that was inadvertently archived when I assigned it a completed status. My questions are as follows:

  1. How can I gain access to that archived project and move it back to the main database? When I open the File menu, “Open Archive” is faded/not an option I can select.

  2. I would like to be able to keep completed projects in my main workspace for a bit until I am ready to archive them. (There is something satisfying about seeing that a project has been completed.) Is there a workaround system for labeling a project as completed but not have it disappear from sight?

Thank you!

Are you sure your project was moved to the Archive? Is it possible that it’s just hidden because you’re showing Remaining or Available actions? To check, click the eye button in the toolbar while viewing Projects and change to “All”—completed project should then appear in the sidebar.

That was it! I can see the project again when I change the eye button to “All”.

Will the project remain viewable here or will it at some point be automatically archived (and not immediately visible) because of the completed status? Or is the only way to archive to do so manually via the File menu option “Move old data to archive”?

Thanks for your help.

Once your database reaches a certain size you’ll be prompted to move completed items to your archive (or you could use the menu item). At that point, items completed before the date that you set in the dialog will be moved to the Archive, where you’ll use the Open Archive menu item to access them.

Thank you!