Cannot sort in the Inbox [FIXED in v87, r209073]


I used to be able to sort the Inbox through the use of the Organize menu. I would choose “Sort Once - by Name”. Today, all Sort options are greyed out. Is there some key step which I have missed? Or should I file this as a bug?

Does anyone else have the same issue? I am running v87 - 208763

EDIT: I just installed v87 - r208780 and the problem persists.

Please advise - thanks!

That does seem unexpected. If you could shoot us an email, that’d be much appreciated!

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@tekl, Done.


Is there an update concerning this? This really makes processing the Inbox much more difficult. The issue has persisted through the last several builds now.

Team Omni, can you please update?


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I have the exact same issue. Email has been sent to Omni with the bug.

@tekl and Team Omni, this has persisted now through many builds since I first reported it. The radio silence on this thread (and another thread related to sorting) is starting to concern me. Can you please advise if this is considered to be a defect which will be fixed? Or if it represents a feature change and will not be addressed?

Sorting the Inbox is very important to my workflow - I capture numerous Emails through Maildrop and sorting by Name helps me to easily group related tasks in the Inbox (which can then be combined or deleted as needed). To lose the sort capability in the Inbox has slowed my Inbox processing unnecessarily (IMO).

Can we please get a status update concerning this (IMO) defect? Thanks!

We are aware that ‘sort once’ does not work on top level items. We haven’t investigated in depth, and I can’t promise this issue will make 2.0.0. It helps if you can send an email to, explaining why this bug is disrupting your work.

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@lizard, I think you are referring to a different issue with Sorting where some of the items as selected in the sidebar sort and others don’t (e.g., Projects sort, Contexts don’t always sort) - and yes, that behavior is dependent on level (the issue persists with top level items as you said - at least it does with Contexts).

This thread concerns sorting in the Inbox, which I am happy to report is fixed in the latest build ! (v87, r209073 - just installed a few minutes ago). And I did explain (up-thread) exactly why this is so important to me to be able to sort in the Inbox. Please, please, please don’t break it again! ;)

Because it worked. Until it didn’t. ;)

In any event, I am a much happier camper this evening!

EDIT: I updated the topic name to indicate this is fixed.

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