Cannot start Omnifocus 3 because "could not connect to server"

For some reason I am unable to even start using OmniFocus 3. During the setup phase, I get this.

I’ve gone another step further. I told Omnifocus, don’t sync, then imported the OF 2 settings, then tried again. Same thing.

Are you trying to use the Omni Sync Server? Do you use any network filtration software like Little Snitch, by chance?

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Yes to both… thanks! I don’t know why Snitch was blocking it since I told it to Allow Connections. But completely disabling filtering fixed my problem. Thanks very very much

If you copied OmniFocus 3 over top of OmniFocus 2, then Little Snitch won’t recognise 3 because it’s code signature is different. You can delete your old rules and then allow LS to recreate them.

I did not copy OF 3 over OF 2. I renamed 2 “Omnifocus 2.0” and installed 3 in its place with the name “OmniFocus” . After some annoyance I was able to tell Snitch not to check for code signatures for OF. It is now working. Thanks again

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I had a similar problem but with TripMode.

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