Cannot Sync IOS to Omnifocus on Mac,

I left Omnifocus for a while and then decided it is the best program for my project based business. After reinstalling the Mac app, I also installed the IOS apps on iPhone and iPad, but both will not sync with Omni Sync Server.

I am getting the the error message:
“The operation couldn’t be completed. This document is encrypted.”

I tried trouble shooting this for hours but found no solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.


It sounds like you used a beta version (2.15 on iOS or 2.6 on Mac) and upgraded your database to the new format. On the Mac, you can download preview builds freely, but on iOS, you’ll need to be part of the TestFlight group.

These new versions will probably be released soon.

If you have to get to work now, and with the current releases, you’ll need to start a new database, or restore the database backup created (automatically) prior to upgrading.