Cannot synch - Removed OmniFocus from Macbook [macOS problem which OF 2.12.1 works around]

I will begin by saying my time is very valuable. I have a MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch laptop. The OS has been updated to High Sierra.

I was recently unable to synch to my Omnifocus database. My correct password for the Mac OS would not work for the synch. I called Omnifocus tech support and was told it was an Apple OS problem with keychain passwords. I then called Apple support and spent close to 40 minutes with the Apple person taking control of the Macbook, with no success.

I don’t use a Mac at work and the MacBook Pro Retina and the Mac Pro stay at home. I fully removed OmniFocus 2 from my MacBook, using a app wiper app.

Going forward I am using Omnifocus 2 for iOS Pro on my iPad Pro 10.5 inch and my iPhone 8. I purchased three Apple Magic Keyboards which I keep at work, at home, and at our mountain home. These speed text entry into Omnifocus 2 for iOS.

We think we were able to work around this issue with High Sierra in OmniFocus 2.12.1 for Mac. I found your ticket in our system and replied to you there as well—hopefully the new version works for you!