Can't always create child tasks [A: only w/"Use project hierarchy" on.]

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. If I’m in the standard Project perspective, I can select a task, then select Organize | Add Child. But I’m in a custom perspective I can’t do this - the option is greyed.

I also notice that the child options aren’t available on a right click, even in the Project perspective, which seems odd. You have to access the menu or know the keyboard shortcut.

Possibly related, but is there any way of showing tasks as belonging to a task group in a custom perspective? In the project perspective, a task group is nicely shown with its parent, which can be collapsed. But any tasks that show in my custom perspective are stand alone. I was hoping to be able to use a task group (is that the correct term?) for, say, a shopping list. Be nice to be able to collapse the group in my perspective, and expand it when I’m actually doing the shopping.


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It sounds like your custom perspective is configured to not use project hierarchy. When a custom perspective is configured that way, it’s essentially a flat list, apart from a single level of hierarchy based on the “Group by” setting. So, the structure of action groups won’t be reflected in that perspective.

The phrase “Don’t use project hierarchy” in the view settings might be a bit too vague. We spent a lot of time trying to decide on a clear description that wasn’t too verbose.

Does it help to make your perspective “Use project hierarchy”? What are you trying to accomplish with this particular perspective?

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My perspective is a “Today”-type one. Grouped by context, sorted by due date, filtered by due or flagged. I’m trying to figure out a way of having something like a shopping list, where individual items don’t clog up my view until I’m ready to see them. So a group I could expand/collapse would be good. I guess I’ll just have to have an on hold project with the list in it, and have a task that just says “do shopping” or something.

Context-based views are flat. You cannot nest tasks in contexts, and have never been able to.

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Appreciate that. My workaround now is that I’ve created a sequential shopping project, the first task of which is “Shopping”. That one shows up in my today view (as long as the project is not on hold), and from there I can easily jump to that project directly using the shortcut in the task details.

But it does seem like a new “feature” has been added - in those types or perspectives that do not use project hierarchy, i can no longer create a new action. Whenever I try, the computer beeps. Whether I hit return, control or right click to add new action or Command-N, they all beep. But if I change the perspective to use project hierarchy, I can. I find this more of a bug than a feature. Can you explain?

Where should the task go? Again, I’m pretty sure this is by design. You can use QuickEntry to create a new task if you want.

I bought this up in another thread CatOne - Ease of entering new tasks, although I can use Command-N. I think Return should create a new task with all fields available and tab-able. On a more general theme, I also think all fields should appear in all tasks so you can tab between them and use quick entry. V2 seems to hide either project or context, depending on what type of view you’re in, which means you have to resort to the inspector to change either project or context.