Can't change start date from current date


I am trying to change the start date on one of my tasks. When I type in a date in the “start” section that date (4/3/17) goes into the “constraints” instead and the “start” value stays at the current day (4/24/17). My project start date is set to 7/1/16 so I don’t think anything is going on there. This is the only task so this is a very strange bug. Any thoughts?


@paultimore Sorry for the trouble! It sounds like you’re trying to schedule a task for a date before today’s currency date. As OmniPlan is designed for scheduling tasks in a project that will occur in the future (vs. events that have already occurred), this can be tricky. The easiest way to accomplish this by setting your current editing date (Project > Set Current Editing Date…) to a date before you’d like the task to be scheduled to occur, then setting the desired dates for the task.

Hope this helps!