Can't change start date from current date

I am trying to change the start date on one of my tasks. When I type in a date in the “start” section that date (4/3/17) goes into the “constraints” instead and the “start” value stays at the current day (4/24/17). My project start date is set to 7/1/16 so I don’t think anything is going on there. This is the only task so this is a very strange bug. Any thoughts?

@paultimore Sorry for the trouble! It sounds like you’re trying to schedule a task for a date before today’s currency date. As OmniPlan is designed for scheduling tasks in a project that will occur in the future (vs. events that have already occurred), this can be tricky. The easiest way to accomplish this by setting your current editing date (Project > Set Current Editing Date…) to a date before you’d like the task to be scheduled to occur, then setting the desired dates for the task.

Hope this helps!

This issue is still unresolved in the UI, it’s frustrating to the point that I refuse to upgrade. If you have a glaring, obvious UX issue with multiple support requests and I’m using the app 2 years later… and I encounter the exact same glaring issue…

Why would I pay for this?

Perfectly fine if you want to disallow certain user behavior. If you do: explain why. Otherwise you’re just pissing people off with a misfeature.

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